About Me

Education, experience, and teaching have driven me to the present and will continue to guide my future.

As a PhD candidate in the Department of History at Boston University I am conducting dissertation research in Lesotho, southern Africa with the support of a Fulbright Student Fellowship from September 2014 to July 2015. My current endeavor builds on coursework in history and anthropology at BU as well as previous experience as a certified high school history teacher in Massachusetts and as a Peace Corps English teacher in Lesotho. For me, historical studies offer excellent analytical tools for understanding the roots of contemporary problems and furthermore, for formulating solutions to these problems. As an environmental historian of Africa I aim to reconstruct stories from the past that will explain key intersections of ecological change, social inequality, and the ways people construct knowledge over time.

Along with my PhD training, I have taught World History since 1500 and have served as a teaching fellow for several other courses at BU. This education and experience enables me to teach a variety of university courses from world and environmental history surveys to courses on specific aspects of African history. After completing the PhD I hope to teach at an institution that values African societies, environmental history, global studies, and interdisciplinary approaches to higher education. I aim to complete my dissertation by August 2016 which is titled “Negotiating Environmental Knowledge: Interactions in Lesotho, 1880-1980.” test

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